Enroll in the Nissan College Grad Program at Fred Anderson Nissan of Asheville!

When beginning the journey into post-grad life, you want to be sure you have a reliable vehicle to get you from point A to point B, whether you're traveling to and from work, school, or another destination. If you take a moment to think about your ideal vehicle, what elements does it include? Maybe it has a stylish exterior that turns heads on the road. Perhaps you desire a versatile interior that can adapt to your changing lifestyle. Or maybe technology is most important to you-you want the latest features designed to improve convenience, safety, and entertainment on the road. Well, we have some good news for you! The current Nissan lineup offers a variety of models that fit these requirements. You can check out our new Nissan inventory at Fred Anderson Nissan of Asheville and schedule a test drive to determine which model best meets your needs and desires. Congratulations on your college graduation--we look forward to helping you find the vehicle that is best suited to take you on your next adventure!

College graduation is the culmination of several years of hard work and dedication, so, needless to say, college grads deserve to be rewarded. Graduation also serves as a turning point for many individuals. It separates one stage of life with the next and forces us to make multiple life decisions. Whether taking a job in your field, continuing your education at graduate school, or taking some time off, you need a reliable vehicle to accompany you in your next adventure.

The Nissan College Grad Program is designed to help out recent college graduates in the Asheville, NC area with a discount on a new Nissan vehicle. If you have graduated college in the last two years, will graduate in the next six months, or are currently in graduate school, you can take advantage of this offer. All you need to do is visit the Nissan College Grad Program page and fill out a short form with basic information about yourself. You can then print your certificate in bring it in to Fred Anderson Nissan of Asheville to get a great deal on a new Nissan. Soon, you'll be driving off our lot toward your next adventure in a stylish, well-equipped vehicle.

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