Family Plan

Fred Anderson Family Plan Asheville NC

People always ask us why Anderson Nissan is the Family Store. It's because we are all about commitment and providing real value! That is why Anderson Nissan proudly introduces the Family Plan*, which is available on new and used Nissan purchases. You have never seen value and commitment like the Anderson Family Plan. So come on in and let us demonstrate to you what true value is all about!

What vehicles are covered by the Family Plan?

Every new Nissan purchased or leased at Fred Anderson Nissan gets the full Family Plan coverage you see above. Used Nissan vehicles with under 50,000 miles are also covered by the full Family Plan. For used Nissan vehicles over 50,000 miles, everything but the powertrain warranty is included. Diesel engines, turbos, electric, and vehicles used for commercial purposes are not covered.

What is covered under the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty?

The main components covered are the engine, transmission, and drive axle. A detailed listing of coverage can be found here.

Does the family plan end at any pre-determined date?

The Family Plan has no pre-determined end date. If you purchase a new or pre-owned Nissan from us there is no expiration date.

How does oil changes for life work?

Oil changes for life includes the oil, oil filter, and the labor. The only requirement is that you perform your factory recommended services (in your owner's manual) at Fred Anderson Nissan.

When and how do you receive a loaner car?

You can get a loaner car at any time for any maintenance or repair over $300.00.

How will we wash your car for life?

Here at Fred Anderson we just made a substantial investment in a state of the art car wash. This system will wash the exterior of your vehicle just like a pay car wash.

How does our $500.00 loyalty discount work?

When your vehicle reaches 50,000 miles you will receive a discount card that gives you up to 10% off individual future services.

If I'm out of town and get my vehicle serviced do I void the family plan?

To maintain the Family Plan we require that you service your vehicle at Fred Anderson Nissan, However if a special circumstance arises and you are over 250 miles from the dealership we will not void the Family plan. We will need documentation to maintain the engine guarantee when you return for your next service.

Do I have to do all my repairs at Fred Anderson Nissan?

Nissan repair work can be completed at other ASE Certified Technician repair shops excluding services for Family Plan work. However Fred Anderson has competitive and sometimes lower repair, Tire, and maintenance prices (Brakes, Filters, Alignments) than non-Nissan repair facilities. We also only use factory parts and have certified Nissan Technicians repairing your vehicle.
If I go over the mileage on my maintenance will I void the Family Plan?
Excess wear on a vehicle can occur when maintenance is not performed at the recommended interval. We do require that you do your services within a 1,000 miles of the factory recommended interval.

All Nissan factory-recommended regularly scheduled maintenance must be performed at Anderson Nissan. All discounts through Anderson Nissan. Family Plan benefits are non-transferable. College grad and military rebates not included. See dealer for details.