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Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP)

Your contribution as an employee is greatly valued in our business, so we are pleased to offer all the benefits of the Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP).

What is VPP? The VPP program allows you to buy a new Nissan at a pre-negotiated rate through a smooth process. As easy as bringing your VPP Claim Number and choosing the vehicle you want. That simple.

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Note: The participant must reside in the continental United States, Alaska or Hawaii.

For Business Associates, the VPP price is calculated as follows:

  • Cost to the dealer
  • VPP discount (Nissan 2.87%)
  • Dealer added options, Security Plus, etc.
  • 2.5% delivery fee of dealer invoice after VPP discount has been subtracted
  • Destination and handling charge
  • Applicable incentives
  • Totals participant's purchase price

How to do it? The VPP offers the best value and simplifies the buying experience. Simply follow these steps to find your way to a new Nissan.

  1. Get your Claim ID Number by contacting your Employer's VPP claims administrator.
  2. Have your name, address, telephone number, company name, social security number or employee number ready for a faster processing.
  3. Stop by Fred Anderson Nissan of Asheville and mention you are a VPP customer. At this point you should present your VPP Claim number and the name of your company to the internet Sales Manager, along with the following:

Your drivers license and:

  • Recent paycheck stub within last 30 days
  • Business Card identifying your name and the name of the company
  • Security I.D. Badge with your name, company name and photo I.D.

After selecting you vehicle, Nissan will calculate the final purchase price using the VPP Claim Form online. The best part? You'll be able to see the invoice before we complete the calculation.

The VPP extends to Nissan's own extended service agreement. You may elect to purchase it directly to the dealership at the time.

For more information visit https://www.insidenissan.com/home_nis.psp

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